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Here, in the five forward-thinking communities that comprise the 78 Corridor, creative leaders are gathering to ensure continuous momentum of innovation and success.  Innovation is the focal point of a burgeoning mix of businesses who can be found pushing the envelope in their respective industries. Some are pathfinders in emerging technologies such as robotics, breaking through the boundaries of unmanned ground vehicle technology. Some are long-standing companies, such as those in the membrane separation industry, creating an ability to turn salt water into fresh, potable water. Some are changing the way sports are played, such as the innovative minds of our action sports industry that are changing the game of golf. The triumphs of these companies forge new pathways full of creative products, ideas and discoveries.

Industry highlights:

  • Many smart and innovative companies locate here – from leading research institutions to advanced tech and life sciences industries.
  • Innovation is spurred through the region’s talent, with 37.6 percent of the region's students graduating with STEM degrees.

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