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When considering the overall ripple effects of the defense industry in San Diego, about 22 percent of all jobs in the region are a result of defense-related spending; more than 328,000 jobs in total. The jobs supported as a result of defense spending not only include uniformed military, federal government employees and defense contractors, but also include employees in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, engineering, construction, food service and tourism.
Industry highlights:
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, the Corps’ largest West Coast expeditionary training facility, has been the largest employer in North San Diego County for more than 60 years.The direct federal military presence contributes about $24.8 billion of Gross Regional Product (GRP) to the San Diego region and employs more than 107,000 people.
  • San Diego has become a national and international leader in many defense-related technologies, including command and control systems, reconnaissance and surveillance systems, unmanned vehicles and cybersecurity.

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