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BlissLights, Inc.

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BlissLights, Inc. is not your traditional lighting company. The company not only focuses on manufacturing unique lighting experiences, but is also interested in bringing happiness and magic to every person. The idea of these lights came from the creator, Randy Johnson, after designing a nightlight for his 2-year-old daughter who was afraid of the dark. After Randy Johnson and Alan Lee, CEO, discussed how much they disliked Corporate America, they decided to start up the company on their own. Their first rule for the company was that they decided bluntly was BlissLights “do not deal with a**holes”. From that understanding, the company went on to work with many lighting professionals and theme parks, but officially experienced hockey-stick type growth when they came out with the first consumer product, the BlissLights Spright. Since then, the company has expanded, but the principles have remained. 


BlissLights has grown tremendously over the past few years and being located along the 78 Corridor, first in Escondido and now in San Maros, has made the company’s growth possible. The area is full of a diversified and talented public making it an ideal location for a startup or small/medium company. With our location being in the San Diego County, we are able to have the excitement of the San Diego city, but stay within a cost efficient area without the worry of traffic and congestion. We have also had multiple opportunities to work with many different companies throughout this diverse area. We not only care for our customers, but also our community. Our company donates 10% of our website sales each month to a few local North County non-profit organizations that help the people of this community. 


Stone Brewery and MellesGriot stand out to us. Stone Brewery has been a huge impact in the area. It’s been a part of the Inc. 500 list and even with its tremendous growth, it is still stationed in North County and has provided a wealth of jobs. Another great company, which also happens to be a laser company, MellesGriot captured our attention. With BlissLights being a lighting laser company itself, we’ve been following their growth.


The company’s two original founders had one mutual goal when BlissLights was born and that was to bring happiness into the world through the wonder of light. BlissLights mission is to be leaders in the light industry and to bring the most unique lighting experience available to all continues to this day. Within the next five years, we expect to continue growing at an exponential rate and introduce the market with more products that are changing the way we see light. The increase in demand and awareness of our products will benefit the 78 Corridor community as it will provide more jobs to the local economy and the company forecasts to see more community involvement with north county business and not-for profits. 


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