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San Diego Children's Discovery Museum

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San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum (SDCDM) was founded in 2001 as the only hands-on educational children’s museum in North San Diego County. Due to its central location of Escondido, the Museum has grown to be an important community resource primarily serving families in North San Diego County, West Imperial County, and South Riverside and Orange Counties. We are passionate about our mission – “to inspire children to learn about our world through exploration, imagination, and experimentation.” Today SDCDM remains the only hands-on children’s museum serving children, families, and school groups in the area, with a focus on science, world cultures, and art.
SDCDM is a fun, affordable, and educational option for parents seeking to expand their children’s minds through play. Time spent at SDCDM develops crucial life skills like curiosity, confidence, and creativity, which are all qualities that strengthen children’s potential to excel in school, careers, communities, and as parents. All exhibits and programs are designed with the help of museum experts, educators, and childhood development specialists, ensuring a wide range of skill development and concepts that align with the California’s Common Core curriculum for science, math, English language arts, visual and performing arts, and social science. We challenge children’s imagination and curiosity through interactive exhibits and hands-on programming. Through play, children have the opportunity for creative problem solving, critical thinking, and hands-on exploration and experimentation in a safe environment where there are no right or wrong answers.

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