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Motionstrand is a full service digital agency specializing in interactive websites. We have passion and drive for finding creative solutions and exceeding expectations through our design, execution and maintenance efforts. We offer digital and brand strategizing, digital marketing, creative work and development. All our work is done in-house along the 78 Corridor at the Nordahl exit, Escondido. 


Having our base along the 78 Corridor has provided us with several advantages. It’s a great hub that allows us to bring in clientele from all over Southern California due to the easy accessibility. We have clients whose locations range from Orange County to Downtown San Diego, yet we can go to both fairly easy due to our location. We have also benefitted from the feel of a ‘tight-knit community’ here within the 78 Corridor by finding clients and partners through word of mouth and references. 


One of the benefits of working in North County is the availability of talent. With the abundance of quality higher education in the local area around us, we’ve been able to build out a scalable and extremely talented team. From visiting colleges and universities as guest speakers, to hiring recent graduates from California State University San Marcos and other regional colleges, the location has been extremely beneficial in expanding our top-tier team. 

To that end, the 78 Corridor boosts a variety of benefits that amplifies the quality of life of North County residents, which is reflected in our employees. When our team is happy and fulfilled, that’s when our work will shine, and we’ll be able to drive stellar results for our clients. Living and working in the 78 Corridor builds great candidates and an engaged, solution-seeking mindset that drives everything we do.


Companies like Stone Brewing, GoPro, Viasat, Mirum and Rockstar Games are raising the bar for innovation and culture along the Corridor, and we intend to uphold that standard in the digital industry. At the peak of the digital age, we strive to stay up-to-date on industry trends and work to constantly grow as technology and the demand for digital services continue to develop along the 78 Corridor and beyond. We love working with local brands because it gives us the ability to shape the industry in our own backyard.

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