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The MULK Co.

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Innovate78 sat down with Melissa Finestone, founder and owner of the Oceanside-based MULK Co.

1. Tell us about The MULK Co.

‚ÄčThe MULK Co. specializes in cold-pressed, dairy-alternative almond mulk. Unlike a store-bought almond milk, where you are literally drinking a bunch of gums added to water, our mulks uses minimal, clean ingredients—you can actually taste the almonds! So no gums, binders or thickeners, just pure, unadulterated almond mulk that comes in a variety of eight flavors. And why “MULK”? Well that’s because of the way it sounds when I pronounce “milk” with my South African accent!

We're a hard-working team that has fun while we work! Our team is diverse and we like it like that. 

2. What's your role?

As the founder and owner of The MULK Co., my secret sauce is the ability to create a product of value with minimal resources. While my eye is constantly on sales, I’m as focused on minimizing costs and using creativity to think my way out of costly problems. I also follow the philosophy of keeping things simple, known as KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). I strive to refine, streamline and simplify, from production processes to product packaging to website content. Less is more!

3. Why North County?

North County is awesome because I studied at CSU San Marcos, and had an awesome experience! From the quality professors to some life-changing courses, to the amazing COBA business school that spearheaded the brilliant Senior Experience course. It’s pretty cool for me to be able to now build my business in the same location where I graduated! My husband also works for the City of Escondido, so we are true blue, devoted North Countians (if such a word exists?)


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