2023 Life Science & Healthcare Stats and Outlook

In partnership with San Diego North Economic Development Council, we’ve created a report to highlight current stats and trends in North County’s life science and healthcare industry. 

Here is the 4-1-1:

  • The job market has increased by 22% since 2017 a sign that North County continues to grow its life science and healthcare industry.
  • The life science and healthcare talent pool has expanded with a 32% increase in degrees awarded by North County higher education facilities. 
  • Activity increased by 33.6% for unique job postings compared to the previous year, a signal that companies are expanding or need new talent. 
  • The top largest occupation within life science and health earns almost $131,000 annually as a software developer. 

The report also magnifies the advantages of the industry within North County like: 

  • Critical mass of medical device and medical technology companies located in close proximity to one another.
  • Industrial and lab space at lower cost than other San Diego markets such as Torrey Pines, Mesa or UTC.
  • Several experienced biotech contract manufacturers.
  • Top rated school districts with relatively affordable single-family homes in close proximity. 

Throughout Q2 we’re getting our white lab coats on to identify and share the benefits within the region’s life science and health industry, understanding what makes the industry grow in North County and providing data to help businesses thrive here.  Stay tuned for business profiles, resources and behind-the scenes looks at North County’s exciting and innovative life science and healthcare. 

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