A warm cup of innovation brewed by Amai

A compostable and edible cup – genius! Amai is a business offering a two for one deal with its sustainable and upcycled cup that uses grains and natural ingredients that are byproducts from the brewing process. This Carlsbad-based business just moved to Vista and has plans to continue elevating what it means to be a sustainable business in North County. 

After many family visits here, Sven Davison, Co-Founder and COO, and Jeannine Davison, Founder and CEO, thought North County was the perfect location to live and run their company. Carlsbad’s ranking as a top sustainable city (2019 U.S. Cities Sustainability Report) and the region’s reputation in industries such as ag tech and biotech were key factors driving this business and personal decision. The Davison family knew North County was where their business would prosper. 

“There is a wonderful and supportive network here between the Carlsbad, Vista and Escondido chambers, as well as Innovate78. We have found many resources and leads for professional services, introductions to community members who serve on our board, and help leasing office space, in addition to general insights about starting a business in San Diego County,” said Sven Davison.

Amai’s edible cups contribute to the progression of the ag tech industry in North County because it aligns with the state’s goal of repurposing food waste for human consumption through circular economy solutions. The business’s contributions are deeply supported by the region of innovators in North County. “There is a fluid willingness to collaborate between all cities in North County,” remarked Sven Davison. 

Davison continued by emphasizing that the entrepreneurs and business owners in North County make up, “…a tight-knit community where businesses look out for one another and strive to find natural synergies to prop each other up.” According to Davison, it is all about networking and developing those close relationships that allow businesses in North County to effortlessly thrive. 

He remarked that without ties to specific connections or networking abilities, it can be a winding road to success. However, in North County the process is simpler because we provide various resources, collaborate more than other regions, and we provide access to data and business information. Through these efforts, North County is not only providing the best business support possible, but also boosting economic prosperity within the region to continue generating a successful business ecosystem. 

“I would say Jennifer Schoeneck from Escondido and Larry Vaupel from Vista, have been very helpful in connecting us with like-minded entrepreneurs, site location/evaluation and possible access to capital,” stated Sven Davison.

Amai has been recognized for their innovative product, including a mention by The New York Times in their 2022 top food trend article, a feature in San Diego Magazine’s “What We’re Craving, Sipping, and Talking About in April,” Fox 5 morning news and more, and it is thanks to the continued business support within North County. 

North County offers a variety of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business owners at every stage by cultivating a strong supportive business community. Everything a business owner needs to start or advance their business can be found here in North County and we are waiting for you!

As the Davisons said it best, “You can’t find a more collaborative and supportive environment. There is a deep desire to help companies flourish and stay in north country.” 

To learn more about doing business in the City of Vista, please visit innovate78.com or contact Larry Vaupel, Economic Development Director, at  lvaupel@cityofvista.com (760) 726-1340.

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