A warm cup of innovation brewed by Amai

A compostable and edible cup – genius! Amai is a business offering a two for one deal with its sustainable and upcycled cup that uses grains and natural ingredients that are byproducts from the brewing process. This Carlsbad-based business just […]

Steps that higher education offers to students to flourish in the North County tech industry 

The tech industry is complex, and it can be a wily moving target. Similarly, attracting and retaining an efficient, skilled workforce can be a long road. As luck would have it, North County has a solution for businesses – a […]

Life Sciences and Health Care in San Marcos 

Each of the five cities that make-up the Innovate78 partnership is called home by an impressive set of businesses. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the life sciences and health care companies that are in San Marcos.  CLINIQA was founded […]

Life Science & Healthcare Industry Dinner 

The realm of life science and healthcare continues to expand in North County, and Innovate78 has the resources in place that founders need to prosper. Every quarter, we host an industry dinner with San Diego North Economic Development Council with […]

Innovative life sciences and health care companies in Carlsbad

Across the 78 corridor, our five-cities provide space for pioneering businesses to excel and prosper.  Here is a look at a few companies in Carlsbad that represent its life sciences and health care cluster. IONIS began its journey in 1989 with the […]

2023 Life Science & Healthcare Stats and Outlook

In partnership with San Diego North Economic Development Council, we’ve created a report to highlight current stats and trends in North County’s life science and healthcare industry.  Here is the 4-1-1: The report also magnifies the advantages of the industry within […]

Connect-ing with Christie Marcella, chief operating office at Connect San Diego

“Our physical, social, technological systems can be connected differently in ways that we can’t imagine individually but can execute collaboratively. Those unknown possibilities, are what get me up in the morning.” – Christie Marcella   If you’re searching for North […]

MiraCosta College: Looking to future of affordable higher education in North County

As Dr. Sunny Cooke, President of MiraCosta College, identifies the problems of today, she also trains herself, her staff, and her students to look to the future. What will education and technology look like, and how do they create a just, […]