We, the five cities of Innovate78, commit to cultivating a region that promotes innovation, collaboration, and economic prosperity.


Carlsbad is a seaside city with seven miles of beaches and 113,725 residents. Home to some of the region’s most innovative companies and industries, Carlsbad is one of the more educated cities, with more than 42 percent of its population holding a Bachelor’s degree of higher.

  • Population: 114,622
  • Industries: Information Technology, Life Sciences, Clean Technology
  • Companies: Viasat, Genoptix, TaylorMade, Nordson Asymtek

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The most inland of the five cities, Escondido’s economy is one of the most diversified. Industries such as healthcare, specialty food and beverage manufacturing, agriculture, professional services and precision manufacturing all call Escondido home. Retail sales are among the highest in San Diego County due to the presence of the Escondido Auto Park, as well as a regional mall, Westfield North County. From computers to craft beer, Escondido is rich in the entrepreneurial spirit that defines the San Diego region.

  • Population: 151,478
  • Industries: Healthcare, Specialty Food and Beverage, Precision Manufacturing
  • Companies: Palomar Hospital, Stone Brewing, Westfield North County


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Taking advantage of the nexus between oceanfront living and thriving businesses, Oceanside is attracting the attention of quickly growing life sciences companies. Home to biotech manufacturing giants Genentech and Gilead Sciences with career training from MiraCosta College Biotechnology Center, the industry is fueling the robust business climate. Life sciences, advanced manufacturing, tourism-restaurants-retail, distribution and agriculture lead as the city’s top industries.

  • Population: 177,362
  • Industries: Biotech, Pharma, Medtech
  • Companies: Genentech, Gilead Sciences, Sparsha Pharma


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San Marcos

With a population of more than 95,000, San Marcos has the smallest yet fastest growing population along the 78 Corridor. The city’s population has grown by more than 11 percent since 2010, outpacing the other four cities along the Corridor by at least four percent and growing 1.8 times faster than the San Diego region. It is the location of the Corridor’s only public university – California State University San Marcos. Because of this, San Marcos has one of the highest concentrations of STEM degrees. Of those holding a Bachelor’s degree, more than 45 percent have their first degree in a science, technology, engineering or mathematics field of study.

  • Population: 95,768
  • Industries: Higher Education, Manufacturing, Technology
  • Companies: Kaiser Permanente, United Parcel Service, Hollandia Dairy

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Located just seven miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, Vista has a perfect, mild Mediterranean climate. Residents enjoy a wide range of year-round outdoor activities in a setting of gentle rolling hills and pleasant rural surroundings. Vista is approximately 19 square miles, and is home to the highest concentration of craft breweries in San Diego County.

  • Population: 103,381
  • Industries: Information & Communications Technology, Recreational/Leisure Development & Manufacturing, Precision Manufacturing
  • Companies: DJO Global, Liedos, Watkins, Leica Biosystems, LMI Aerospace

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