Event Recap: Talent Recruitment + Retention // SPOT Startup Series

“If you’re able to think about creative ways to connect with your potential sources of talent, I think that’s going to win out over trying to slightly modify what you’ve done in the past. It’s not working the same way it used to,” said panelist Mike Roberts, President and CEO of Creating Coding Careers.

North County is San Diego’s hub of innovation. A recent UCSD study expects software developers and software quality assurance analysts careers in San Diego to grow 23% between now and 2031. While software development is just one slice of the tech and innovation pie, it illustrates the growth potential of the field as a whole. So how does an employer capitalize on that potential amid the issues presented since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic?

This past summer, Innovate78 and the San Diego North Economic Development Council hosted one of their SPOT Startup Series events called “Talent Recruitment + Retention.” The event, held at the William A. Wagner Aquatic Center in Oceanside, featured a panel of speakers and subject matter experts in the human resources and startup fields to discuss the common challenges facing companies in 2022 and practical steps to overcoming them. The panelists of the event included:

Throughout the event, the panelists discussed the following topics:

  • Strengths of startups vs. larger companies
  • Talent acquisition and retention
  • Establishing an appealing company culture
  • Overcoming common human resource challenges

Together, a large part of the conversation was around the value of working in a startup and how to capitalize on the strengths of a small company. The following are key quotes from the evening that showcase how employment has changed recently and what companies need to consider when adjusting their recruitment strategies in response.

“Before you start hiring anybody, you need some philosophical questions answered,” said Hema Crockett of Gig Talent. “Where do you want people located? Are you ok being remote? Do you want hybrid? Do you want people in the office? That will really inform your talent pool and who you need to go after.”

“Unfortunately, the media chose the name ‘The Great Resignation’ instead of others that have evolved, like ‘The Great Reshuffle.’ I think it’s more of that,” said Scotty Lombardi of Umpqua Bank. “People have reshuffled their priorities, their preferences, and the way that they’re approaching work.”

“I call it the great reassessment,” said Dominique McGill of HR Bar. “People are realizing they don’t want a grind anymore. They don’t want a large company. They don’t want the red tape. They want to do what they’re great at, and they want to build something and be a part of something that has a mission.”

“Your job ad is a marketing piece,” said Sean Ring of Fulcrum Workforce Solutions. “We’ve had a ton of success [with job ads] on LinkedIn. The reach that you have on LinkedIn is just massive. If you can create a job ad that emboldens and describes the vision of your company. Be real about it. Spend time on your job ads and your recruiting efforts will be better. “

“Strong, agile and strong-willed startups who push through, innovate and adapt are going to do fine,” said Roberts. “Those who can’t adapt, or are unwilling and inflexible, will die unless they’re lucky.”

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