FoxFury Lighting Solutions Provides Resources for First Responders to Combat COVID-19

Oceanside-based FoxFury Lighting Solutions builds portable LED headlamps, flashlights, shield lights, scene lights, and area lights. These lights, frequently used by first responders in non-pandemic times, have been an indispensable tool for first responders helping to combat COVID-19.  

FoxFury has optimized their products for first responders since 2004. Back then, a San Diego firefighter (and competitive adventure racer) saw the waterproof headlamps with panoramic lighting at a snowboarding expo.  He thought they would be a great fit for firefighter helmet lights if they were heat resistant. After FoxFury modified the product, that firefighter used the light for his helmet and loved the ability to work hands-free. Other firefighters began taking notice and wanted the lights for themselves.  FoxFury takes pride in understanding the pain points of various first responders and has been able to modify the product based on feedback they seek out. 

Since FoxFury has served first responders for a number of years now, many police and fire departments already have their equipment on hand. These lights have been game-changing tools in combating COVID-19 as they allow paramedics and firefighters to work hands-free and multi-task. Its scene lights are used to set up and break down drive-through testing stations. Their waterproof design allows these lights to be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with department standard operating procedures.

Antioch Police Department in California is using small format drones (UAVs) and FoxFury lights in a novel way in dealing with COVID-19. The department sends small drones with a FoxFury D3060 drone light attached for welfare check calls on suspected people inside a residence or business. The lights help the drone to better see and safely navigate. These interior drone searches help the department safely assess the person from a distance while checking and clearing the area. This allows the department to decide how and who will enter the house. This helps to protect personnel and determine how to best utilize their precious and limited resources of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Here in San Diego, another medical facility is using FoxFury headlamps to perform maintenance on their IT to keep their equipment up and running during the pandemic.  Abby Gardens Healthcare Center in San Diego needed to quickly respond to the IT issue and the headlamp was the perfect light source to assist. 

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