GelatoLove Delivers Dessert to Employees of Local Businesses During Pandemic

GelatoLove, a gelato manufacturer in Carlsbad, is bringing joy and comfort to residents and employees during this time of uncertainty.  

The GelatoLove team has quickly pivoted to serve customers in quarantine.

Paola Richard, the CEO and Founder of GelatoLove, is from Rome, Italy.  Paola and her team have roots in Carlsbad. They started with a storefront in Carlsbad Village, where they made the gelato onsite for only the storefront.  After 5 years in the village, she opted to open a production facility near Bressi Ranch which still supplies her storefront, but she is also able to distribute to restaurants and local grocery stores.  

Paola set up a portal where people can purchase gelato and the GelatoLove staff will deliver it to homes.  Many businesses and families have taken advantage of this opportunity to treat their employees and loved ones with a clean, healthy dessert.  “Many people have kids at home and are attempting to homeschool or are working from home, and a gelato delivery helps to make their day a little better,” Paola said. “GelatoLove is able to provide joy and comfort to people during this uncertain time, especially when it is a surprise delivery.”

You don’t have to leave home to enjoy GelatoLove–their tasty treats will come to you!

She still has family living in Italy who were able to alert her of the Coronavirus pandemic and subsequently quarantine response earlier than most Californians heard about it.  With this insight, she quickly pivoted her business model from selling at a storefront to online sales and deliveries.   

One teacher at Pacific Ridge in Carlsbad opted to buy gelato for his students with the home delivery option.  Inspired by that act of kindness, the principal arranged for delivery for the entire school. GelatoLove will be donating a portion of that school’s order to the students.

Paola uses a traditional gelato recipe from Italy and only uses clean ingredients. They are the first company to use allulose, which is a natural sugar and has no glycemic index.

If you would like to place an order for delivery, you can do so at

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