Innovators’ Dinner: Manufacturing resources were on the menu

Businesses need resources and connections to grow, but finding the right help at the right time is not always easy. That’s why, Innovate78 is hosting industry specific dinners in 2023 to bring resources and innovators together to bridge the gap between challenges and solutions. In Q1, our industry of focus is manufacturing, and at the event this month, North County manufacturers had the opportunity to grow their networks of resources and city support liaisons, who are dedicated to regional prosperity. The group met: 

  • Linda Kurokawa, from Mira Costa College Technology Career Institute 
  • Matthew Mena, from GOBIZ 
  • Amanda Cheney, from California Manufacturing Technology Consulting

From Mira Costa, Linda Kurokawa highlighted the critical changes and strategies that the college focuses on to be able to continuously provide a talented and exceptional workforce to North County manufacturers. “Mira Costa as a college has focused on futuristic thinking. We are looking for disrupters and changes in the world around us to highlight and outline where we need to maneuver and where we need to change,” said Kurokawa. 

“One of the changes we made early on was that we needed to accelerate our training because people are ready for the hands-on experience. We are going to need faster, more efficient training. More applicable and more relevant to what the industry needs,” she continued. If you’re a manufacturer seeking passionate, talented and driven employees with advanced professional training, utilize the students at Mira Costa College TCI who are working to meet your current needs.

If you’re a manufacturer in need of financial support, Matthew Mena discussed the California Income Tax Credit available for manufacturers based on your investment in California and your employees. The application is based on the number of employees manufacturers hire and their investment in their business within the course of 5 years. 

“It is probably one of the most competitive tax credits that the state offers,” said Mena. Applications for the tax credit are open from March 6 to March 20. For more information and to submit your application, visit the California Competes webpage

Manufacturers also have access to an equipment purchase grant, or partial sales use tax exemption, to get approximately 4% taken off equipment purchases. The grant can also be used for replacement parts for equipment. For more information, visit the CA.Gov website

California Manufacturing Technology Consultant offers a lot of manufacturing support because they are driven to provide proactive manufacturers with certain incentives that will allow their business to prosper. “My role is to connect. I speak to businesses to identify what their needs are, and I bring together the right team of subject matter experts to figure out if there are tax incentives, grants, funding, awareness of programs at colleges etc. to help find a resource for manufacturers,” says Cheney.  

CMCT currently offers a California Manufacturers Accelerator Plus Program which provides management and technical expertise that are needed to locate and resolve immediate business issues. 

And, of course, Innovate78 is a resource for manufacturers and all innovative businesses in North San Diego County. Partners from the cities of Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos and Vista are available as economic development stewards, who are available to help you prosper here.

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