Highland Valley Vineyards Donates Proceeds to San Diego Food Bank

As businesses and residents pull together to help our community during this time, one Escondido-based winery is committed to donating a percentage of their proceeds to the San Diego Food Bank until at least mid-May. 

Highland Valley Vineyards

Highland Valley Vineyards is a family-owned winery and vineyard in Escondido.  When other businesses started to offer discounts to help customers and maintain sales, they decided on a different approach to help the community.  As there is such a strong connection between food and wine, this idea from Highland Valley stemmed naturally. They have committed to donating 20 percent of their overall proceeds to the San Diego Food Bank until at least May 15. 

With the current stay-at-home order, Highland Valley is ensuring its customers can enjoy high-quality wines with their meals at home.  The winery hopes their customers enjoy the wine even more knowing part of their purchase is helping others enjoy their own meal.  

Prior to the pandemic, Highland Valley Vineyards was not involved with the San Diego County Food Bank, which provides food assistance and resources to more than 350,000 people every month. With this effort, the winery hopes to help the Food Bank support the increased need for food assistance brought on by COVID-19 related employment losses.  

San Diego Food Bank

Individuals interested in supporting a local family business and a great cause can purchase carry-out bottles on Saturday and Sundays, from noon to six, or via the online storefront featuring all of the wines and shipping to 38 states.  

The Jacob & Cushman’s San Diego Food Bank’s 200 distribution sites throughout San Diego are operating for residents to receive food assistance. The Food Bank is actively monitoring guidelines and taking necessary precautions to ensure that food distributed remains safe.

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