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Manufacturing has a long history in North County San Diego, positioning the region as a key leader in the production of high-tech goods and services, including biomedical devices, telecommunications equipment and defense-related products. While the industry faces new pressures including automation, globalization and COVID-19, Manufacturing has proven its resilience as the region experiences growth in jobs and industrial space. Learn more about the industry’s regional impact and economic trends in our newly released Manufacturing Report.

Industry highlights:

  • Manufacturing in North County has an enormous economic impact, totaling $18 billion annually, which represents more than seven percent of San Diego County’s economy.
  • Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing lead North County’s Manufacturing industry, employing 12,746 people—nearly one-third of all Manufacturing jobs in North County. With projected job growth of nearly six percent in the next five years, high-value goods production will remain a key facet of North County’s economy.
  • Advances in fields like robotics and artificial intelligence could impact what manufacturing employees do, and there is a great need for training and education that could result in more quality jobs in the future.
  • While some manufacturers in North County were hit hard by COVID in 2020, others have increased their revenues and added employees during the pandemic. Most (58 percent) firms surveyed in our Manufacturing Report expect an increase in their physical space going forward.