Innovative life sciences and health care companies in Carlsbad

Across the 78 corridor, our five-cities provide space for pioneering businesses to excel and prosper.  Here is a look at a few companies in Carlsbad that represent its life sciences and health care cluster.

IONIS began its journey in 1989 with the goal of generating revolutionary medical technology to treat diseases, specifically neurology and cardiometabolic diseases. The business has become a key asset to pharmaceutical research with a concentration in RNA genes. With a second future location in Oceanside, the business plans to expand their research and development efforts in North County.  |  

Tyra Biosciences is a advancing the  future of medicine with their “SNAP Discovery Engine” technologies that identify fundamental forces of certain diseases.  Their technologies yield “speed, clarity and focus to structure-based drug design.”  Operating from a 7-day grace period for full structural SNAPshots, the business delivers rapid patient needs.  |

Quidel launched its first products in  1983, and since then it has continued to innovate and advance the healthcare industry..  It business conducts research, markets and manufactures diagnostic testing in various areas of medicine.  With a strong team of medical professionals, the business is “transforming the power of diagnostics.”  |

Roche began with Fritz Hoffman-La Roche in the late 1800s, and since then, it has been known for innovating diagnostic and pharmaceuticals to help patients live better, longer lives. Today, the company is a leader in cancer treatment and exploring personalized treatment protocols. |

Ultima Genomics continues to define the new era of genomic information in the world of life science and healthcare through its efforts to assemble an extensive sequencing structure to progress human health.  The utilization of machine learning allows the business to flourish in the reproduction and accuracy of results.  While striving to deliver top notch genomic information, the business takes the necessary steps to make this data more accessible.  |

NeoGenomics consistently works to eliminate the face of cancer by providing top-tier pharmaceutical and data services through their effective lab diagnostics and trial resources.  By focusing on leveraging advanced therapies, drug creation and diagnostic testing, the business is transforming the way cancer impacts the lives of many.  |

COPAN, an Italian family-owned business, grew from solely distributing lab products to generating pre-analytic technologies within microbiology. The implementation of “sample collection and transport systems, full laboratory automation and Digital Microbiology and Artificial Intelligence for Microbiology” allows the business to deliver novelty products to protect public health.  |

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