Life Sciences and Health Care in San Marcos 

Each of the five cities that make-up the Innovate78 partnership is called home by an impressive set of businesses. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the life sciences and health care companies that are in San Marcos. 

CLINIQA was founded in 1976 with a priority of producing extensive quality controls, calibrators, calibration verifiers and reagents to supply superior and economic services for diagnostic laboratories. Through its innovative products, CLINIQA serves as an industry leader by supplying a mass of biotechnology within the life science and health industry. | 

Kaiser Permanente began with one surgeon, Dr. Sidney R. Garfield, and one innovative industrialist to reclaim the meaning and service of healthcare in the midst of the Great Depression.  Determined to deliver exceptional and affordable healthcare services to the community, the company works to improve access to health care to reshape what it means to be a health care provider. Opening a new location in San Marcos, Kaiser continues to advance the health care industry. |

Palomar Health maintains its commitment to delivering high quality clinical care as recognized by its fourth consecutive honor as one of the World’s Best Hospitals.  Its San Marcos location is dedicated to advanced rehabilitation services and wound care. It’s mission of “caring for our communities both inside and out of the hospital walls.” continues to inspire its innovation and support of North County. |

Scripps aims to push health care boundaries through their dedication towards delivering excellent, safe, affordable and ethical heath care for those they serve within the community. As a not-for-profit company, they are top tier when it comes to offering quality medicine and medical devices to heal their patients. With a network of medical specialists, they are defining the “new era in medicine” for North County.  |

TrueCare and Neighborhood Healthcare started its journey in 1971 with a passion to put forth in depth and cost-efficient health services to diverse and underserved communities, despite one’s insurance status. Known for their excellence in clinical outcomes, they prioritize forward thinking to bring new ideas and tools to the real world. Through their innovative strategies to clinical care, they are setting the new standard for the industry. |

WCUI Imaging is an organization working to educate the next generation of health care professionals to instill innovative thinking and approaches to the industry.  With access to a variety of specialized medical programs, courses and medical technologies, students get the opportunity to experience the impact of their work.  The organization will “take your passion and turn it into the skills, knowledge and confidence” for the success of the health care industry. |

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