Life Science & Healthcare Industry Dinner 

The realm of life science and healthcare continues to expand in North County, and Innovate78 has the resources in place that founders need to prosper. Every quarter, we host an industry dinner with San Diego North Economic Development Council with the goal of fostering a strong North County network of business owners. In Q2, our industry of focus is life science and healthcare, and at this month’s event, we hosted business owners and administrators from North County’s higher ed institutes, including:

  • Dr. Jackie Trischman, Dean of CSTEM at California State University San Marcos 
  • Dr. Mike Fino, Dean of Math and Sciences at MiraCosta Community College

Each emphasized the curriculum and course correction they took to craft new programs that would more fully  prepare students for real life work experiences.  And by extension,  how they could support North County by providing specialized skilled workers.

“Every one of our life science programs at Cal State San Marcos has really started with the vision of ‘we want to serve the region.’  It is all about serving the needs of the region,” said Dr. Trischman from CSUSM. She noted that the college aims to advance the success of North County businesses by making it easy for local businesses to find and hire the talent they need to breed innovative solutions.

Matt Sanford, economic development manager for the City of Carlsbad, shared that life science and health businesses in North County often emphasize the benefits of the talent pool that the local colleges provide. 

“Our businesses value the collaborative spirit and close proximity to world-renowned research institutions, with talent pipelines from institutions like CSU San Marcos and MiraCosta College,” said Sanford. “Our businesses within North County are supported by a highly skilled workforce fostered by our local institutions with top-notch research facilities.” 

After developing the country’s first robust degree program in biomanufacturing at MiraCosta Community College, Dr. Mike Fino discovered a common theme that makes unique programs like this succeed and support local businesses in North County. “Students really thrive when there’s relevant curriculum that they’re working through. The curriculum has to connect to the real world,” said Dr. Fino. “Understanding the why behind the work generates a stronger outcome.”

Dr. Fino continued by saying, “The reality is that a specialized degree, like our biomanufacturing degree, which focuses on the production, commercial regulatory impacted side of the industry doesn’t really exist in most places and that’s what makes our students stand out and provide the talent our local businesses are looking for.” 

A bonus to pursuing business in North County is that each city supports one another, regardless of the industry.  North County strives to continuously establish economic prosperity. 

“Our cities in North County are exceptional about finding and providing what business owners need to generate a strong business here. From grants to networking, to industry specific programs and generating a massive talent pipeline, we do what we can to elevate our economic development,” said Michelle Geller, economic development manager for the City of Oceanside. 

Lastly, if you’re in the life science or healthcare industry, and want to connect with other founders, city staff and resources that can help support your success, please reach out to us. If you’re unsure of where to look, make your first move with Innovate78.  We’re always here as a resource for life science and health businesses and all innovative businesses in North San Diego County.  Partners from the cities of Carlsbad, Escondido, Oceanside, San Marcos and Vista are available as economic development stewards, who are available to help you prosper here.

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