MFG Day 2022: For Automated Engineering Services of Oceanside, home is where customers love to visit

Every year on the first Friday of October, manufacturers across North America celebrate MFG Day, or Manufacturing Day. Started by the Manufacturing Institute, MFG Day is an initiative to grow and support the industry’s skilled workers for the advancement of modern manufacturing. Encouraging companies and educational institutions to open their doors shows students, parents, teachers and community leaders the reality of modern manufacturing careers as the industry seeks to fill four million high-skill, high-tech and high-paying jobs over the next decade.

MFG Day is being celebrated by the Innovate78 team by highlighting a few of the manufacturing businesses in North County. This article features Automated Engineering Services, based in Oceanside. To read all of our articles, visit

Leo Castaneda, president and CEO of Automated Engineering Services, was once told “You are crazy to start a business in North County” when initially deciding where to locate his business that develops automation and bioprocessing systems for biotechnology companies and advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) production to streamline operations. Yet, selecting North County was an easy and quick decision for Castaneda. “People are extremely happy to do business with us because we give them a location,” said Castaneda. “Being in North County, specifically Oceanside, helps take the edge off when doing business because people are happy to be here. Every time I have customers come into town, I hear how much they love it.” 

In addition to location, Castaneda noted available resources and plentiful talent as additional reasons why North County is the long-term home for Automated Engineering Services. “Being close to the biotech businesses in North County allows us to have different talent. Even being close to the colleges that have biotech classes and engaged students, helps us bring dedicated people into the industry,” said Castaneda. “With our connections to Mira Costa, for example, we are able to create and offer an automation tech class for the biotech curriculum and write the training.”

That doesn’t happen just anywhere. “We are so lucky to be where we are in North County. We are always learning how good we have it here,” he remarked.

When overcoming outsiders’ misperceptions about North County, Castaneda referred to the need for a business owner to understand resources and make connections with people who can help. “You have to know how to do things and understand your resources…It is just the beginning for North County, and it will continue to grow,” he said. “Oceanside knows I am committed to growing here, and we’re committed to the city for our future plans.”

He summed it up best with, “Why would I move my business outside of Oceanside? Everyone loves it!”

Leo cataneda, president and ceo, automated engineering

To learn more about doing business in the City of Oceanside, please visit or contact Michelle Geller, economic development manager, at or (760) 429-5091.

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