SDNEDC report: Commuting patterns across the 78

Long and tiresome commutes impact an area’s quality of life, but in North County, convenient commuting across the 78 corridor is a valuable plus for employers and employees because it’s possible to live in one community and work in an adjacent town. San Diego North Economic Development Council put together a report highlighting the commuting partners of residents and workers within each city. Approximately 70,600 workers reside in one of the five North County cities and commute to one of the other North County cities for work. The close connections between the five cities helps boost the economic climate for both the businesses and residents. Ultimately, everyone benefits from this efficient system of connections.  

Employers are given the opportunity to hire the right talent whether they live within their own or another City along the 78 corridor. Take a look at the amount of unique talent spreading across North County, the results demonstrate where each cities’ residents work.  

  • San Marcos – Within City (14%) vs. within another SR 78 City (30%) 
  • Oceanside – Within City (18%) vs. within another SR 78 City (30%)  
  • Escondido – Within City (19%) vs. within another SR 78 City (19%) 
  • Carlsbad – Within City (23%) vs. within another SR 78 City (15%) 
  • Vista – Within City (14%) vs. within another SR 78 City (36%) 

Within certain cities, such as San Marcos, dedicated employee talent can be found across the way at educational establishments like California State University San Marcos and Palomar Community College. Though these are within the San Marcos area, other cities along the 78 corridor benefit from these institutions that bolster the work force across the region. Many have programs, classes and internships available for students to adequately prepare them for their future work in North County. Some businesses even send their current workers for training at these colleges to freshen up their skills.  

Three out of the five cities, specifically San Marcos, Vista and Carlsbad, are designated as large “job centers,” meaning that they draw talent from neighboring cities. The access to simple and close work commuting prompts economic growth for each city because it expands employment opportunities and provides businesses with the top talent they need to get work done.  The total number of jobs within each city emphasizes the endless number of opportunities in North County.  

  • San Marcos – 38,831 total jobs  
  • Oceanside – 45, 891 total jobs  
  • Escondido – 51, 950 total jobs  
  • Carlsbad – 77, 186 total jobs  
  • Vista – 37, 156 total jobs 

The ability to live in one city and easily commute to another nearby, improves the quality of life in North County. It’s a plus when work life and where one lives go hand in hand. Businesses and employees come to North County because they know that, among the connections between each city, it is easy to find quality talent and employment.  

From biotech to manufacturing, there are industry clusters of all shapes and sizes in North County. Our recent blogs featuring manufacturing businesses touch on the benefits of work and opportunity within North County. It is a non-stop growing region that continues to prioritize investing in the economic ecosystem between the five cities for businesses to evolve. The effort to make these connections stronger among the five cities in North County is what Innovate78 is here to do.  

To learn more about the commuting patterns along the 78 corridor, visit the San Diego North Economic Development Council website.  

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